Forget about 5G, Blockchain or Biotech…

America’s Top Trader Says THIS Little-Known Tech Stock Is At The Heart of America’s Imminent $2.3 Trillion Revival

Dear Reader,

On March 16th the world changed forever.

With the flick of a switch, the US economy went dark.

Flights were grounded, the border was sealed, and entire states locked down.

In the weeks that followed, 44 million Americans lost their jobs, 7 million small businesses collapsed, major corporations filed for bankruptcy, and $11.5 trillion worth of wealth was destroyed. 

It was tragic. 

And, my heart goes out to anyone who has been impacted by the coronavirus.

However, despite the fear-mongering of our media, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

This is not the end of America. 

And, this is not the next Great Depression.

Quite the opposite.

America is already rising from the ashes. 

Faster, stronger, and more powerful than ever before. 

You see, COVID-19 triggered a massive paradigm shift. 

It forced America to make an unprecedented leap forward. 

One that could improve millions of lives, create countless new jobs, boost the economy by as much as $2.3 trillion, and make America great again.  

Yet, not one in a thousand investors have spotted this opportunity. 

They’re too caught up in the daily swings of the stock market. 

They’re addicted to the wild volatility. 

And, they’re so emotionally invested that they fail to see how the coronavirus crisis has just blown the doors wide open to one of the greatest investment opportunities in history. 

Sounds strange, I know. 

Especially at a time when the talking heads are squawking about the end of the world... warning you about capitalism’s imminent collapse... and screeching that you should sell all your stocks. 

But, over the next few minutes, I’ll detail the magnitude of this opportunity. 

I’ll show you how the coronavirus crisis has ushered in a revolutionary paradigm shift. 

You’ll discover how I believe this shift has set the stage for an American Revival that could create trillions of dollars in wealth… re-cement our standing as the world’s dominant force… and restore a golden era for Americans from all walks of life. 

And, most importantly…

I’ll reveal the ONE tiny tech stock I believe will be the linchpin to this multi-trillion-dollar American Revival. 

It’s a little-known company based out of Indiana. 

And as I see it, their technology is absolutely essential to this $2.3 trillion revival.

In fact, without this tech, I don’t believe this resurgence would be possible.  

Yet, you won’t hear anyone talking about the critical role this company plays. 

Truth be told, I don’t think anyone else has spotted the importance of this company yet. 

However, as this $2.3 trillion American Revival unfolds, this will all change. 

And when it does, I think we’ll see investors flock to this tiny stock in droves. 

That’s why I plan on getting in right now… before others identify how essential this company and their “linchpin” technology is. I help thousands of folks find opportunities like this every day… investments that could potentially bank returns of hundreds – even thousands – of percent! 

And today, I’m going to give you all the details that I’ve found on this tiny growth stock. 

I’ll reveal why I believe their technology is at the heart of the trillion-dollar American Revival.

And, I’ll reveal why I’ve chosen to invest my own money into THIS little-known tech company... instead of 5G, Blockchain, biotech, or whatever other “hot” trends the crowds are chasing right now. 

Hi, my name is Jeff Bishop. 

I’m the founder and CEO of RagingBull. 

We’re the fastest-growing stock market education company in the world with our content reaching over 1 million investors in over 145 countries. And since starting RagingBull, I’m thrilled to say we’ve helped countless investors make a LOT of money.*

Like Johnny B. who wrote to me saying:

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And Christoper T. who told me:

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And while I couldn’t be prouder of the success stories my team and I receive every day at RagingBull... what I’m about to share with you is much more exciting and potentially much more lucrative. 

In fact, in my 20-year career, this is one of the greatest opportunities I’ve ever seen. It’s the rare chance for you to get in early on an explosive new paradigm shift that I expect is going to make early investors millions and millions of dollars.   

And that’s not a claim I make lightly. 

After months of careful research, the evidence, to me, is clear... 

In the aftermath of the coronavirus crash, I believe a major paradigm shift has been triggered what will directly impact dozens of U.S. sectors including:

  • Farming & Agriculture Machines - $39.4 billion per year
  • Medical Equipment - $45 billion per year
  • Pharmaceuticals - $1.3 trillion per year 
  • Aerospace - $408 billion per year
  • Semiconductors - $208 billion per year
  • Chemical Products - $44 billion per year
  • Computers & Electronics - $11.4 billion per year

Plus several other billion-dollar industries.  

Combined, this paradigm shift should unleash trillions of dollars in wealth by triggering a historic boom in one of America’s most crucial, but forgotten sectors. A sector that’s been long-considered “dead” by the leftist politicians and pundits who dominate our media today. 

But as you’ll discover soon, this sector is now at the core of our future. 

As I see it, it’s fast-becoming the critical industry, not just for our economy… but also National Security.  

And, I’ve identified the ONE tiny tech company that I believe is at the heart of this trillion-dollar American Revival.

Now, as the impact of paradigm shift spreads and investors finally catch on to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, my research shows this little-known company could explode in value… soaring 122%... 350%, potentially even 500% or more! 

Listen, I know that’s a bold claim.

But, it’s one I’m 100% confident making. 

And, in a moment, you’ll see exactly why and how I come to those numbers.  

Because in this short presentation I’m going to walk you through – step-by-step and in careful detail – all the evidence proving that the tiny tech company at the heart of this $2.3 trillion American Revival is the single most undervalued play in today’s market…  

… an investment that, if it plays out as I hope, could potentially make early investors millions of dollars. 

You see, if you get in early on paradigm shifting trends and technologies, it’s my belief that you can catch the type of returns that even the most successful Wall Street investors can only dream about.  

Imagine, for a minute… what if  you had spotted the rise of eCommerce back when (AMZN) was selling books from Jeff Bezos’s garage. 

Maybe you were one of the chosen ones who bought in the beginning, when the company went public in 1997... 

A $10,000 AMZN investment would now be worth over $12 million today. You would have made over 120,000% so far.

Or what if you had recognized the dawn of personal computing?

Microsoft’s (MSFT) IPO was $21 per share in 1986, and by the end of 2000, it was still just $22.38...

So even if you waited 14 years to get in, that $10,000 investment would now be worth $86,780 by the end of June, 2020. That’s a total return of 768%!

Or, more recently, imagine if you’d identified the growth of electric vehicles. 

Every $10,000 invested would be worth $503,490 as Tesla (TSLA) stock soared 4,935% – with a lot more room to grow. 

Skeptics will call these flukes, of course. 

But these companies didn’t magically appear out of nowhere. 

In the years leading up to their growth there were breadcrumbs to follow. 

Breadcrumbs that revealed the revolutionary potential of these behemoths. 

Unfortunately, most investors suck at spotting emerging trends, technologies, and sectors.

They’re too caught up in the day-to-day news.

They can’t see the shifts occurring right in front of them. 

They’re unable to imagine how the future will be different. 

Simply put, they’re stuck in the present, addicted to the status quo. 

Right now, you’re seeing the perfect case study of this “blind spot” investors suffer from. 

Since the coronavirus crashed the economy, the markets have been flooded with opportunity… 

Video-conferencing companies… work-from-home products… pharmaceuticals… last-mile delivery… home gym equipment… eCommerce... all these industries are very predictably booming. 

Case in point... Anyone working from home right now, or chatting with their kids across the country, knows all about Zoom.  

Zoom (ZM) has exploded from it’s IPO price of $36 to over $240…

How about the trend in people buying furniture online from home right now… Since it’s low of $23.55 in mid-March, Wayfair has soared almost 10-times to $200…

And, eCom platform Shopify has almost TRIPLED… surging from a low of $322 to $860!

And I could give you dozens of other examples. 

But, most investors are stuck focusing on the negative impact of the crisis.  

Instead of seeing this for what I believe it truly is… the greatest investment opportunity in decades... they sit frozen in fear, terrified of another crash, too scared to make a move.

And, this all comes down to one simple fact they fail to grasp... 

When a major crisis hits it accelerates the rise and fall of specific sectors. 

We’ve seen it time and time again. 

Crises force new innovations into the mainstream. 

Certain industries are catapulted forward while others are crushed. 

And, the carnage unlocks unparalleled opportunities for those who spot the changing tides. 

To prove my point, let me give you a few historical case studies, then I’ll show you how the coronavirus crisis has radically re-engineered a multi-trillion industry and paved the way for rapid growth that could make early investors a fortune.  

Back in 1860 telegraph lines existed…

But the technology was expensive, limited to a handful of cities on the East Coast, and used almost exclusively by stockbrokers and wealthy businessmen.  

However, with the arrival of the Civil War, this all changed.

Telegram use grew exponentially when President Lincoln identified the advantage gained by fast communication across big swaths of land. The North poured a fortune into the construction of new telegraph lines, laying a stunning 15,000 miles of cable. 

After the war, the advances made in telegraph technology paved the way for widespread, near-instant communication throughout America – arguably one of the most important developments in our country’s history.

And, with this explosion in telegram use, Western Union – the first company to capitalize on this communication boom – watched their market cap soar from $385,700 in 1858 to $41 million in 1876… an unparalleled growth of more than 10,530%.

The same phenomenon occurred during World War II…

Years earlier, a drug called penicillin had been discovered. Over 2.3 million doses of penicillin were manufactured and it’s credited with saving an estimated 12 to 15% of casualties. 

By the end of the war, penicillin had proven itself so effective and demand was so high that it triggered a major boom in the pharmaceutical industry… becoming the single most profitable sector in the United States for decades to come.

Even now, Big Pharma continues to dominate the U.S.… 

Creating $1.3 trillion worth of biopharma products.

And, the companies at the center of this sector have made investors a fortune. 

For example, over the last decade... 

Every $10,000 invested in Abiomed (ABMD) would have grown to $263,600.

Every $10,000 invested in DexCom (DXCM) would have surged to $256,300. 

Every $10,000 invested in Neurocrine Biosciences (NBIX) would be worth $651,300.

And, as you just learned, this decades-long BOOM was first unleashed by the crisis brought on by the arrival of World War II.   

More recently, during one of our country’s most challenging crises, the exact same pattern occurred. 

During the 2007/8 Great Financial Crisis, story after story continued to break, exposing the mismanagement, corruption, and downright crazy financial moves made by high-powered Wall Street brokers and bankers. 

The public’s hatred for major bank institutions reached a fever point. 

However, it was only in the aftermath of this crisis that the “Financial Technology” industry was able to gain a foothold in the notoriously-difficult-to-penetrate banking sector. 

By capitalizing on the crisis and the mistrust for big banks, FinTech grew by leaps and bounds.

As the crisis unfolded, investment TRIPLED from $928 million to over $2.97 BILLION.

And, in the years to come FinTech exploded into a $127 billion market… 

Like always, companies and technology at the forefront of this paradigm shift… those who capitalized on the crisis… made their early investors millions. 

For example, Bitcoin was invented in 2008 as a rebuttal to the Great Financial Collapse. 

Over the next decade the price of Bitcoin boomed…

Going from $0.003 to $15k…  

As I said, you see it time and time again… 

A major crisis triggers MASSIVE growth in certain industries.

And – as I just showed you – if you can identify the companies best positioned to profit from this, you can potentially pocket life-changing returns that provide true, lasting wealth for you and your family. 

The coronavirus is no different. 

This crisis has already sent several sectors soaring, including eCommerce, delivery services, pharmaceuticals, biotech, and video conferencing, to name a few. 

However, these all pale in comparison to the paradigm shift the crisis has triggered for this $2.3 trillion sector.

I’m talking about a sector that impacts… 

And multiple other billion-dollar-per-year sectors.

In total, research from the Bureau of Economic Analysis shows this entire sector is currently worth $2.3 trillion per year... employees 13.5 million people… and is a foundational pillar of the American economy.

Yet, for years it has been considered by many to be a dying industry.

Worse, as you’re about to see, certain politicians have actually worked to destroy this sector… a move that has decimated large swaths of the country, threatened our National Security, and crippled our economy’s true potential.  

Fortunately, the coronavirus crisis has shifted the paradigm.

And, this “forgotten” sector is now roaring back and will play a critical role in making America great again because… 

The American Revival will come from good, old-fashioned, Made-In-America manufacturing.

… but with a strange twist.

A “twist” that I’ll share with you in just a moment.

As you probably know, over the last two decades, companies have gotten addicted to cheap, overseas labor – particularly Chinese labor. 

According to Haver Analytics and the U.S. Labour Department, a devastating one-third of all American manufacturing jobs disappeared, with most of them going to China.

And, in a series titled “Exporting America”, CNN documented the hundreds of companies that were either sending American jobs overseas or choosing to employ cheap overseas labor, instead of American workers.

Included in this long list of culprits were American favorites such as: 

And the list goes on and on. 

From what I’ve seen, this exodus from the US has crushed middle America... eliminated at least 5.6 million jobs… weakened our economy – while simultaneously strengthening other economies – and led to a dangerous over-reliance on other countries. 

Many politicians and entrepreneurs have been sounding the alarm about this for years. 

Warning that moving our supply chains and manufacturing overseas is seriously jeopardizing the security and stability of America – especially in times of a crisis. As Senator Macro Rubio recently said: 

This is a message Trump has relentlessly banged the drum about too. 

Since 2011 he has consistently warned about the economic and national security threat posed by globalism:

Ever since he became President he has been working tirelessly to bring American manufacturing back. 

Unfortunately, this proved more difficult than expected. 

Until the pandemic hit... 

And every single American got a first-hand look at the dangers posed by another country owning your manufacturing and supply chain – particularly one controlled by a brutal authoritarian Government with a long history of human rights violations. 

You see, a bombshell report from The Department of Homeland Security revealed that the Chinese Community Party didn’t just cover up the severity of COVID-19… 

… but they also delayed telling the World Health Organization about the outbreak so they could import more medical supplies. 

That’s right, my research shows that instead of alerting the world about a deadly virus ripping through their country, they covered it up so they could hoard facemasks, gowns, and other crucial personal protective equipment. 

And, if this wasn’t despicable enough… 

Reports from National Interest revealed they also threatened to “throw America into the mighty sea of coronavirus” by withholding essential pharmaceutical supplies. 

As the virus spread, countries all over the world struggled to get their hands on essential supplies, much of which were manufactured in China. 

And, politicians, business leaders, and citizens were given a stark, real-world reminder of how dangerous it is to depend on other nations. 

This crisis has now laid the foundations for an imminent boom in US manufacturing to return.

In fact, it’s already happening. 

My findings indicate that companies are rushing back to America like never before.

Global consulting firm Kearney released a report revealing that masses of American manufacturing companies are reducing imports from China, including Hasbro Inc., WalMart, Brooks Brothers, GoPro, Universal Electronics, Apple, Steve Madden, Stanley Black & Decker, Whirlpool Corp., and Intel Corporation. 

And, in addition to the companies that are already ditching China, a study showed a staggering 64% of businesses said they were likely to re-shore production in response to COVID-19. 

But this mass exodus is just the beginning…

Senators have introduced initiatives to end America’s reliance on China, writing:

The Department of Defense is also funding the development of major processing facilities in order to end America’s dependency on China for essential manufacturing materials.

And, in the wake of China’s threats to withhold pharmaceuticals from the U.S., President Trump took decisive action, awarding U.S. drug manufacturer Phlow Corp a $354 million contract to produce COVID-19 medication.

As Peter Navarro, trade director for the White House, said after the contract was awarded:

As you can see, a revival in American manufacturing is already underway. 

And, now the fuse has been lit, President Trump will throw gallons of gasoline on it.

His administration has already discussed providing massive incentives such as Government contracts and corporate tax breaks to the companies that “come home” and punishing those who don’t. 

“My goal is to produce everything America needs for ourselves and then export to the world. [We’ve been] too reliant on other countries. I’ve been saying that for a long time… we have to take care of America first.”

According to research from consulting firm McKinsey, this will be AT LEAST a $530 billion windfall for America.

But I think that’s a very conservative estimate. 

You see, McKinsey carried out this research BEFORE coronavirus triggered a major paradigm shift in how companies and politicians view overseas manufacturing, reliance on other countries, and globalism. 

In the aftermath of coronavirus, my gut feeling – after being in the markets for over two decades – tells me that this Made-In-America boom could be worth TRILLIONS of dollars. 

That’s because, before the slow and steady rise of globalism moved manufacturing overseas, research from American Enterprise Institute shows our manufacturing industry was responsible for 24% of our GDPDOUBLE what it currently is.

Now, as companies rush back to America, my research shows we could easily see the manufacturing industry return to pre-Globalisation levels… potentially creating TRILLIONS of dollars in new wealth.

Not to mention, millions of new jobs… a revival of Middle America… and the return to America’s exceptionalism.  

And for you… 

It could be one of the greatest investment opportunities you’ll ever see because… 

I’ve found ONE tiny company at the heart of the $2.3 trillion-dollar revival. 

It’s a little-known tech company with unparalleled growth potential. 

Because I believe their technology to be essential to the American manufacturing revival. 

Yet you won’t hear anyone talking about the importance of their tech. Because, truth be told, I don’t think anyone else has actually identified the NEED for this company or their technology yet.

However, you can’t expect this to remain a secret much longer… 

As the American Revival unfolds, this will change. 

That’s because as THOUSANDS of manufacturing companies rush back to America, they are all going to be faced with several major challenges. Because of this, these companies will all be forced to invest heavily in certain technologies and sectors.  

Robotics, Smart warehouses, Artificial intelligence, Supply monitoring, Last mile delivery, Real Estate, Advanced Machinery

My research shows that all of these sectors are poised to surge during this $2.3 trillion American Revival.  

And, I believe I’ve found the single greatest opportunity within this new manufacturing boom. 

It positions you perfectly to profit from the upcoming American Revival. 

And, if you get in now, you’re looking at the chance to catch life-changing returns. 

Because the company I’ve found provides a “linchpin” technology that the industry can’t operate without.  

However, I’ve not heard ANYONE else talk about this yet… 

They’re all too busy chasing the “hot” 5G, A.I, and blockchain stocks.  

But, for my money, this ONE tech stock is what I want to put my money and  buy it hand over fist. 

It’s the “linchpin” of this entire industry and as thousands of companies rush to bring their manufacturing home… as the Government incentivizes Made-in-America products... and as the American Revival gets underway…

… this tiny stock is set to explode! 

Almost every factory – both in the U.S. and overseas – will NEED the technology this tiny, under-the-radar company provides. 

As this American Revival unfolds, I would not be shocked to see this tiny tech stock explode hundreds – even thousands – of percent in the coming years! 

And to share all the details of this linchpin company, I’ve put together a brand-new report titled: 

The #1 Tech Stock At The Heart of America’s Trillion-Dollar Revival 

In this private report you’ll get all the details of this investment.

You’ll discover why I believe it to be perfectly positioned to profit from the imminent Made-in-America revival. You’ll see why, as companies invest heavily bringing their manufacturing back to America, THIS tiny stock could explode in value. 

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All investing carries risk and anyone who tells you differently is lying.

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You couldn’t be seeing this invitation at a better time! 

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